Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Moon and Venus

Well the storm was a complete joke, other that some light snow and a few spots East and South of here it was a overblown hype storm. I am thankful they are wrong, but I got a terrible night sleep because I assumed it was going to be terrible from all of the weather reports. Oh well here's hoping we have a great weekend now so I can get out and use the scopes! From mid-March to just a week or so ago we had many, and I mean many clear nights and I probably used the scope about 12 times and there were about 4-5 more nights I could not use it because I had other things happening. I am going to buy a handwritten journal to keep my observations. I know old school right? I might decide to take the written format of that book and create a web page to enter the same details but I have to find the right book to copy.

Today the Crescent Moon and Venus are close together in the sky.

I love this site for Astronomy help!
Its called Cloudy Nights - www.cloudynights.com

I have been doing some side work for a couple offices to keep my tech skills sharp but it feels like it should be Thursday when its only Tuesday. Funny how hard work makes you feel that way!

Well enjoy the evening!