Sunday, March 15, 2015

National Pi Day Celebration at Second Saturday - The Foundry and Buffalo Lab!

Get ready because this is a fun and exciting tale about celebrating National Pi Day. But this was truly special as we found ourselves at the Buffalo Lab inside the Foundry!

I have blogged about this space before, but its getting better every time I go there.

Saturday March 14, (3.14 if you will) means Pi Day of course we didn't do mathematical calculations of Circumference and Diameter's but we had fun celebrating in different ways using one of my favorite new computing devices, aptly named for today's celebration called the Raspberry Pi!!!

I covered this sweet device about 2 weeks ago and it keeps getting better as I use it. I also bought the brand new one which has the newest version of Raspbian OS and it is so fast and great that it runs as fast as a low end PC for many desktop needs. I plan on a blog on that one soon!

Quick note that many of the pictures you will see were taken by Annette Wong and Matt Lehner Board Members of Buffalo Lab. Two great people here in Buffalo, truly making a difference and many, many thanks for an excellent day!!

OK!!! Now lets show you what went on!!!

Here are Kevin Hayes and Annette Wong 2 great people of the Foundry. This is why things are so good at the Foundry, because of the people that run it!

Now check out these great panorama pics by Annette of the Buffalo Lab space.

Before the event

During the event!

Before classes on Raspberry Pi

Class in Session! Well done Matt!

Here is one of my favorite projects that I want to do!
Rocking a Gameboy looking Raspberry Pi running an emulator to play Mario Bros.

 Here is my setup I brought with me, all you need is the Pi, Keyboard, Mouse and Monitor to bring the Pi to life!

 Here I am with Clark and Kelly Dever, two great people in WNY and we are talking about making web servers with using the Pi. Thank you Clark!! Meanwhile my son Nick is setting up the Pi!

 In just a short while the place went from empty to jam packed. Here is Annette rocking Buffalo Lab and all that it has to offer! 

Now we all have heard of drones in the sky, right? Well how about an underwater drone using similar technology like the Raspberry Pi. The project is called OpenROV and it was very interesting. Russ who brought it in got it in December and can't wait for the ice to leave so he can start doing some diving! 

Of course it cannot be Pi day without PIE!! Blueberry and Banana Cream Pi were both AWESOME!

And Buffalo LAB gave away 2 Raspberry Pi 2's just for coming!!  

Kids of all shapes and sizes came from near and far to try out the Raspberry Pi and all it can do. Matt Lehner and Annette Wong hit it out of the park with all the great options for everyone that wanted to learn.

Meanwhile, the Foundry was jamming too, with Second Saturday (always the 2nd Saturday of the Month) lots of different cool vendors and great food. I bought a lot of things and it is a wonderful group of people. 

 My favorite food - Beef and Cheese Pods! Amazing! Annette knows what I am talking about!! HAHA!

 A few weeks ago I heard about this Yoga mat converted into a cool bowling type game. Dennis who brought it in will be starting a Kick Starter soon! I know I will be getting one!!! 

 So I came not even know that this was going to happen. My friend Scott Vader another Buffalo Lab Member, brought in a Slow motion (High Speed Camera) and another Foundry member Dave Sheffield owner of Buffalo Bottle Craft! wanted to film one of his cool hockey puck bottle openers blowing open an bottle of beer! Let me just say I was totally blow away by this opportunity!

 Nick and I rocking the Steampunk Goggles!! 

The high speed camera

 The Slingshot and Puck!

 Proper lighting to capture it all!

 The setup with a high powered LED Light to make sure we capture all the details!!

Below are 3 links of the high speed camera in action. The first is my view of how they broke the bottle, then the second link is the actual video of the bottle breaking, and lastly, the video of me getting smashed by confetti eggs on my noggin! Enjoy! 

While we were at the Foundry we met Stormy a great cat that was so friendly that I couldn't believe it was a cat! 

It was a great day indeed, and I cannot wait to go back to the Buffalo Lab!