Saturday, April 28, 2012

Planetarium / Astronomy Day!

Last night I went to the Whitworth Ferguson Planetarium at Buffalo State College. It was to see a Laser light show with music from the Entire Album of Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon. It was my first time at a Planetarium.

It was quite cool and very intimate as there about 25-30 people inside the domed room. I liked the music and light show and they give you prismatic glasses to enhance the light but I mostly didn't wear them. What I really liked and I will have to come back for is the projected the night sky and its normal motion so during certain parts it was like being out side all night long for a year. Which is impossible to do, obviously in real life. So I am going to take the kids one night and head there. It will only be open until 2013 when it will close and they are going to build a larger one but it will be closed for a couple years to build the new one. We then hit Coles and ETS and then Nietzsche's for some drinks and music! It was a great night out on the West Side of Buffalo! 

It was a clear night but chilly, around 27 degrees! I got home around 2:00 a.m. but there were some clouds and I was ready for bed. Today is Astronomy Day all over the world and in honor of that the Buffalo Astronomical Association (which I am a member!) is hosting a day time observing and a night time observing at the Beaver Meadow Observatory in Java NY. I plan on taking a kid or more tonight as I am coaching a soccer game this afternoon. I am hoping for a win on my first game of the season!
 If you can, get out and look at the stars and moon and planets tonight!!!