Sunday, February 26, 2012


Great time skating yesterday! We skated for 2+ hours hardly taking any breaks! I must have burned 2000 calories!! Emma can now skate on her own and she saw a gymnastics friend who she traded phone numbers. So cute! Nick has really gotten better and Pete jams around and is getting more confident on skates. I also won us free passes to any free skate. They play a game that allows you to pick between 3 numbers (1,2,3) and someone rolls a dice with the numbers on it and I last 5 rounds and on the 5th round if your number is rolled you win! We were so excited!!! We then got home, showered and got ready and went to Church. After that we went to the Forestview on Transit and French and I had a Tuna Club sandwhich. It was great!! The kids and Krys split 20 wings. We went to Target and Wegmans to save a trip that we normally do on Sunday, and I gotta say shopping at 7:00 p.m. on a Saturday is much better than Sunday any time!

We have Church School this morning, and after that I need to relax because my hips and back are sore from all the skating. Krys is painting our master bathroom, she loves to paint, so its just me and the kids again doing something! The kids go back to school tomorrow as they have been off for break for the last week. I gotta make sure all their homework is done and they are ready to go!

Have a good Sunday!!!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Lazy Saturday morning!

Well, for once on a Saturday we have little to do. I got to sleep in until 8:00 a.m. but I had a rough time sleeping. Last night, Peter Jr. had Lacrosse practice until 11:00 p.m. out at Sahlen's so I usually can't fall asleep until after 1:00. It was broken sleep too, got up around 4:45. Oh well. That has been the way of sleeping more often lately.

Anyway I just am happy for a quiet Saturday. Listening to music and reading news articles. Cup of coffee on a snowy morning. They said there would be possible 4-8 inches but its looking more like 1-2 maybe 3. South towns will get more based on the way the wind is blowing across the lake. Oh yes, I am a weather buff! You can't help it, living east of a very large lake. It has great potential for different types of weather systems.

It currently is snowing heavier than it has but reviewing the radar shows that Weather Ground Erie County Radar its moving south.

We will be going skating at around 1:00 so it starts! Love roller skating!

Have a great day!