Sunday, April 22, 2012

Storm is coming!!!

I know, its been a few weeks! Jeesh! It has been busy!

I am now coaching a U12 House league with my two son's on the team, a total of 11 kids. I am happy that I am helping out, and love playing with my kids! This will be my 6th season as a coach and I have enjoyed every year. Our first game is next Saturday and I want to have a practice tomorrow, but they are calling for a crazy amount of snow overnight and into tomorrow!

I will update you on the season of course as it goes along. Last season we went 9-0 as a team, but each year the teams change, so we will see what happens with this years group!

I have popped the scopes out a few times and even brought out my light bucket - Zhumell 10inch Dobsonian. It is great and I have spent a lot of time using the Meade LX-125 and its AutoStar computer. 

Sometimes on galaxies when I look through the Meade a Galaxy or Nebula is not clear but star hopping with the Zhumell brings the view of the object much clearer and brighter. A drawback of the Zhumell is it is big and heavy and its difficult to maneuver. It takes some getting used to but the views are dramatic and it helps to have a second scope to just point at stuff while the other scope hones in on another object. 

I have upgraded my equipment since last time, adding a Orion Bino Viewer, we two sets of eye pieces. I hear that this makes objects come in 3D and allows for easier observation of details. 

Also an EZ Focus cable on the ETX-125 for easier focusing, and an Electronic Eye piece so I can project to a computer Monitor or TV so people can watch what I am focusing on. And finally a camera adapter that was much cheaper that to buy a $300-$3000 CCD Camera. It was $35 and it allows me to mount my camera to the scope and use the eyepiece as opposed to just the tube and mirrors. 

All of this is due this week and I will update the blog when I get some images going and I will review the BinoViewer too!

Let's hope for a nice snow day and then some clear nights after that! :)