Sunday, April 29, 2012

Saturn from my Scopes!

Checked out Saturn with every eyepiece I had - 32mm/26mm/12.5mm/9mm/4mm and 1.5X Barlow on each. Could not see the Cassini division no matter how long I looked and used averted vision. The Planet isn't exctly tilting the rings at Earth its slight but probably not enough yet. I am hoping as the year progresses I will get a better shot at it. I am also thinking about looking for a camp site soon to be able to get away from some nasty light polution of my neighbors. All of them have lights on as well as there is a storage place and warehouse very close that casts a lot of light up so I need to try some place more remote.

Meanwhile I got this last night with my iPhone and you can see Titan below and to the right of Saturn.

And again tonight!

I also checked out M92 a magnitude 7.5 Globular Cluster which means a lot of stars packed into one area. It looked like a big fuzzy dot. 
Too hard to photograph with my current setup because its too low light.

I checked out to Pulsars and also M101 a Spiral Galaxy which was quite bright and where the Supernova is still going on!