Wednesday, January 10, 2018

$2 Billion in Sales for WNY Real Estate!

Last year in 2016 we had a record breaking year, which I didn't think that it would be possible to top it in 2017, but guess what, we did and in the biggest way possible.
Lets take a look at the last 10 years of Sales where I can reveal where we broke our records!
As you can see we are down in over all volume in terms of number of units sold, by about 3% which isn't bad after last years record, but what is very impressive is that we sold $2 Billion worth of Real Estate! Never before has that happened in the history of WNY! Congratulations to all the hard working Real Estate Professionals which are helping to sell more homes and for more money than ever before!
Well the records didn't stop at dollar volume alone. We also broke our Median and Average Sale prices for all of WNY too! This is outstanding news for our region which continues to grow stronger in all areas and the trend should continue through 2018.
Another interesting statistic is the Days to Sell Average and the Close Price to List Price Ratio. It tells us that we are closing homes faster then ever before, and that homes are getting closer to their asking prices, and more often and in many case over asking!
So make sure you contact a REALTOR who can help you make understand the value of your home or a home you would like to purchase!
Thanks for reading and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!