Sunday, April 1, 2012

My iPhone + Telescope + Moon = Awesome!

I took this beauty last night through my telesope. It was a cloudy late afternoon and then around 7:00 the clouds broke up but looked like they were going  to stay with partly cloudiness. I setup the scope right away because the moon was out and i could still see it through the clouds. It was light out and the cloudy haze made the moon look cool. Faded and somewhat distant. But as soon as the clouds broke, the Moon looked too bright almost to the eye!! So I popped a filter on to lesser the brightness and add some contrast and waited, because it was still to light out. I checked out Mars while I waited and its very small in my scope, but very orange / red-ish and to feint to photograph with my current setup. You can easily see dark spots on Mars but very hard to see. I need to break out my bigger scope for that but it takes a lot to move it! Anyway, finally around 8:30 it was dark enough and all clouds were gone. I put my iPhone up to the eyepeice and slowly moved till I was at the perfect angle and I could see the Moon and steadied the phone till I got this shot! I took another 4-5 but this one was the best.

I stayed out until 1:00 in the morning as the dew set in and everything was foggy. Looking at The Orion Nebula (M43) and several star clusers as well as M95 an elliptical / bar galaxy that had a recent discovery of a Supernova in the limb of one of its spiral arms. You must be patient and know the star charts and I love using the apps on the iPad. I woke up like a kid this morning excited to replay the details in my head of what I saw. 

I love Astronomy!!