Saturday, May 26, 2012

Random update...

I am stuck at home on a wonderful Memorial Day with a stiff neck! I wouldn't wish this pain on anyone but I am plagued by a nagging neck injury that bothers me from time to time, especially when I am trying to move heavy things. We opened the Pool on Friday after work, and that means lots of pulling and lifting heavy objects and I did something late night last night. I figured I could take a minute while laying here with a heating pad on to at least throw an update out!

My Garden is planted and looking like some stuff has started to bloom up! 

The weather has been perfect lately with mid 80's and Sunny most of the time. What a nice weekend!

I got the scope out late last night around 11 because I didn't lay down as my neck was bothering me. There were Thunderstorms in the southtowns and I could see brief flashes of lighting far away and occasional rumbles of low thunder, but it was mostly clear over my head, so I said why not. It was 77 degrees and a nice light breeze. I got to hang out with Emma and she took the picture above of me! It wasn't great seeing due to the breeze, haze and occasional clouds but there were many times clear breaks that allowed me to use all of my eyepieces on Saturn (4mm, 9mm, 12.5mm, 26mm) My clearest view is my Meade 26mm and I have a nice Zhumell Barlow that doubles any eyepiece so I use them both and get a real nice shot of Saturn. No pics as it is too dim and I would need to get a decent camera or something else but let me show you a cool site I found that might change my mind altogether now.

Holiday Special Deal

Now back to last night, I clearly saw dark clouds on Saturn, but still unable to see the Cassini Division. 
What is the Cassini Division you ask? Well look here! :) 

Its the dark ring separating the Ring Structure's known as Ring A and Ring B. The next really clear, calm night will give me a shot at Saturn with the 10in Dob and that might change everything.

Well I am going to take another Extra Strength Tylenol and find a cold pack for my next and then heat it later! Hope you have a great Memorial Weekend!