Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Buffalo Lab's Open House

I got to go to Buffalo Lab's Open House - http://www.buffalolab.org/blog/

It was awesome, I mean the things they have, the things they built and the people themselves are all cool and laid back but highly intelligent! I was humbled by their awesomeness!! Mike D. who is one of the Founders is a great guy and makes you feel great while being there. The group works on projects together, or in groups or sometimes alone to make different things happen. This is the type of group we all wish were around when we were kids to have good people, with bright minds sharing everything they know and more!

I believe I will join, although I don't think I will be doing anything except watching and learning my first year or two as they have really advanced ways of doing things and I am just a novice.

They have a cool 3-D Printer and we made dice and a whistle, out of plastic string into shapes. I was highly impressed. I am very glad I met this group!

Video of the 3D Printer in action!!