Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Chestnut Ridge Park - Eternal Flame / Geocaching Hike - BNAR YPN

On June 5, 2015 I had the honor of taking a group of BNAR YPN members to the Eternal Flame in Chestnut Ridge Park. At total of 13 of us including a dog named Daisey! Our goal was to Geocache and get to the Flame and we accomplished both tasks! We found 3 Geocaches and we got great pictures of the flame! 

So the week before I had a 1 hour Geocaching 101 and it brought everyone up to speed on both our hike and what we would be doing.

So here I am at the Trail Head for the Eternal Flame. The hike is .56 mile into the park to the flame and the same to get out. A little over a mile but it is a moderate trail so it has some difficulty to it. We start at an elevation of 1200 feet above sea level and drop to 1030 at the flame. 

The trail is open for the first 100 yards and then it gets cooler and darker as soon as you get to the tree line.

The first .20 of a mile are a fairly easy hike.

The trail is marked well with the Flame!!

There is a steep drop to get to the stream so be careful, especially if it is wet!

Once we were down we found our first Geocache! 

And we were really close to the flame!

You can see the flame from here!

Our group was so happy to have made the trip, lots of photos were taken and it was a great day!

On our way out we found one more Geocache!