Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Sailing on Lake Erie - Memorial Day Weekend 2015

It had been a while since I had gone sailing, real sailing and I forgot how much I loved it.

It was the Saturday before Memorial Day and my friend Erik Riffel and his 1st mate Lindsey took Nick and I out on one of the Seven Seas Sailing Club boats. Click the link below for more details on the club.

So let's start out with a shot of our beautiful city from one mile out. What a great shot of our city but how small it looks from 1 mile out on the water. Thanks Erik and Lindsey for a fun afternoon!

 So we get down to the club which is off Fuhrmann Blvd off of Route 5. Going through the ship yard was an experience for Nick and I could see he was totally loving it. We met Erik and he said go down to the river and look at all the boats docked. There were so many different one's that I was quite impressed.

We drove away from the club and headed for the NFTA harbor by Doug's Dive. There was the Aluf that was a great boat to take out. Here is the sail being unfurled and raised.  

Lindsey was all over the place getting the full sails going and she made it look so easy!

The weather was great, sunny and it was about 65 degrees out but near the 52 degree water it was close to low 50's with a 15 knot breeze. It was cool but not cold if you dressed properly. 

Nick drove the boat for a while and at 1 point had us keeling at around 25 degrees! 

Then of course I get to drive and Erik made it look easy but your head has to be on a swivel as there is many things to be looking out for. I did love it!

Nick moved up to the front and he said that was the best part of the ride. Looking down at the water as it sped below him was something he talked about for the rest of the day.

The windmills were cranking today!

Erik made the day feel easy and fun even though there was work to be done he made it effortless and he does charters all the time so if you want to go out, I can put you in touch with him!

As we headed home at Wilkeson point has these huge kites flying so I told Nick to take a shot and check them out. Pretty cool!!

All in All it was a great day on the water and I highly recommend a trip using Seven Seas Sailing Club!