Saturday, September 1, 2012

Where did August go???

I cannot believe that I am sitting here writing on September 1st. My last post was late July, and I have missed writing updates, but I feel that I have been so busy that life comes first, writing about it later! 

So what has been happening??? 

Let's see well Peter had a great Lacrosse Summer Session! Here he is taking a faceoff that he won!!

Also his cousin Andrea and Pat got Marrried and Pat is a Lacrosse coach in Lockport and they came to see him play when we played Lockport and Pete scored a spectacular goal right in front of where we were sitting, it was awesome!!

We have been swimming a whole lot, as the weather has been gorgeous!!

My Soccer team I coached went 7-1-1! They were a fun group of kids! Peter always played goal the first half of every game and was solid in net! Nick played Midfield and was a great overall player. They have moved up to TEENS!!! Holy Cow, time flies!!!

Little Emma moved up from the Mini Monsters to the Middle Monsters and kicked BUTT again!! She is a wonderful athlete!

Nick and I went Cub Scout Camping!! Scouthaven is a great campsite and it was a lot of fun! It rained the first 2 days but it got better on days 3-4. We fished, boated, made crafts, learned more about nature, ate great food and enjoyed campfires. It was a great time for Nick and I!!

I started to play hockey again! One of the Scout masters plays a pickup of 3 on 3 roller hockey in a converted loft in a barn, that is air conditioned!! Check it out!! This is so cool!! I have played Thursday nights and have played great! I am glad this game is back in my life!!!

And if the month wasn't busy enough, we even had time for a week long trip to Disney!!!
We stayed at the Art of Animation Resort that just opened in May and that was really nice. We hit all 4 parks plus Blizzard Beach! It was a wonderful time and we all had a nice time! I won't bore you with the thousand pictures I took, just a few of my favorites! Now you know where my August went!!