Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Something to ponder....

I just saw a picture on Facebook (it doesn't matter what picture) but think of something people would be against (Poverty, gun control, animal curelty, hunger, bullying, etc....). I see many of these things online and some of the pictures that I see based on what I know and how I was brought up, I am ashamed or sad to see. I cannot believe some of the things this world produces and does that I cannot believe it...

I then see the people who post their comments about how appalled they are, or OMG, or disgusting or whatever, but then what they do about it is go back to their daily lives (just like I do) and do nothing about that event.

Some of these things there is nothing we can do about as WE as a nation have made these injustices or caused it or allowed it to go on for as long as we can remember. Why we can't tell whether its right or wrong anymore and that if we see it on the internet, it means it has happened and that it will certainly happen again.

So why bother stopping it, or changing your attitude and making an effort to change it. Instead of just commenting on it and then going back to your life as usual, how about actually standing up for what you believe in and doing something about it.

That's how America was really born and how at one point we were the best Country in the World. By standing up and taking ownership in an idea, a process or function. We truly have lost that in this technology filled world, that makes us lazier and more complacent than ever before.

Life moves slow for those doing nothing, but for those who are busy, they can't believe how time flies.

I hope you aren't waiting to do something that could help and change the world for the better!