Sunday, May 11, 2014

Busy week of May 5th! Cinco De Holy SH!T

Busy week was the theme, lots of Lacrosse for Pete Jr, and Nick had track but since they are sometimes on the same days we had to split duties! Here are some shots of Pete's game against West Seneca West that Lancaster won 9-7. 

 On Monday we held the Get Wired'N Technology Conference where I was the M.C. for the event and I got some nice shots while running around, I also spoke and helped in all the planning and we had a good turnout of about 200 people for the event! I even had to eat a chocolate covered cricket from my friend Dan Stewart of Happy Grasshopper! 

Emma had her Spring Concert where she sang an old favorite of mine, Don Gato the Cat. Brought me back to my youth!

A crazy Windy game for Lacrosse Friday night! And we got beat 10-2 by Orchard Park. 

Late that night, I got to hang with some DJ Legends of the Buffalo Disco Scene as my Brother who came in town to DJ! It was great and I got some cool photos and videos.

Then on Saturday Morning, Nick and I had to work with our Boy Scout troop on an Eagle Project on Clark Street in Lancaster' Village. It was a awesome beautify your park project, it was a lot of work but it turned out very nice! You be the judge!

After that we had a Communion party with some old friends and hung out late and partied with a great group of people. Then Sunday I worked all morning on side project for a Doctor office and then had to take my wife and her Mother out for dinner with the whole family! It was a great week full of lots to do! 

Happy Mothers Day!!!