Tuesday, April 8, 2014

End of Windows XP Support from Microsoft Today 4/8/2014

Today, after 12 years and 7 months, Microsoft's most beloved Operating System, Windows XP, has come to a close. This was my favorite by far, and I can go back to sometime in 2002 when XP came out and how unhappy I was with it. Why, you ask? Well I just mastered Windows 2000 and Server 2000 and along comes this Windows 98 looking desktop OS, that was different! Why should I learn another OS when I was working as an I.T. Professional in business environments. Well fast forward to many years later and this OS has done many businesses great deals, and awesome workloads and unparalleled power for very little money. I am sad to see it end for this awesome workhorse of an Operating System.

I have been asked by many, what do I do now? Upgrade the OS on my existing hardware and over XP? Buy a new one? Just keep going on XP? Well for one, you could just go get a new one with Windows 8.1 which is a good OS and I have been running it for over a year. You could find Windows 7 Upgrade software on sites like NewEgg and Amazon and upgrade your old XP to Windows 7 which is much closer to XP than Windows 8. Lastly, you could keep running Windows XP for a time, but as soon as a major zero day hole is found or anything that could compromise your network at work, you need to move off of XP. Closed networks like schools can run XP forever if they like as they never touch the internet. For the most part, you need to start moving forward in terms of technology and security and moving on from XP is not a bad thing, its a new thing and you should try to embrace new technology, especially if its tried and tested now. Either way good luck!!