Sunday, March 16, 2014

Good to be back!

Well, its been a long time, and I am mad for not getting more consistent with the blog so I am sorry to whoever reads my blog. Sometimes when you are busy you tend to miss out on things.

But as Ferris always said:

So back to my update!

So since November many things have happened. First off this has been one of the coldest, harshest winters we have ever had in Buffalo. After 3 mild winters in a row, this was hard to take! We had not one but two Blizzards!!! Temperatures were colder than ever! 

I got to see the Cult play at the Town Ballroom in December! It was a great venue and they really rocked the house, but again it snowed like crazy just before the concert started. I got to get up close and it was pretty awesome!

I took hikes with the kids at night! And watched the trains go by!

We took in a couple of Sabres games but this year the team has had a lot to deal with and are hanging in last place in the entire NHL. The games are still fun but they lost a lot so its hard to watch sometimes!

We made Christmas Cookies!

We saw Wicked!

I went to NYC for the Inman Connect Real Estate Conference

And we went to the Father / Daughter Dance at our church! Emma has so much fun!

Here is Stevie the Cat looking sharp with her new bow tie!

We went to the lake to see how frozen it was because its been a while since the whole lake was frozen.

This is the end of February 2014! I will be back with an update for March soon!

Thanks for watching!