Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Well Summer is almost gone! - Summer 2013 Update!

So we start off where we left off, more Geocaching this time in Darien Lake State Park as well as one found right in front of the Theme Park!

I was asked to help out with Keller Williams and do some work in refugee home on the East Side and I built several shelve units as well as helped with building a wall.

 We did a Hot Dog Sale with the Boyscouts and it was so cold that day in early May, it felt more like March!

At the office we rolled out over 6000 new lockboxes for our members in just 3 days! Doreen and Carol were awesome! Great job!

Here is Peter playing Lacrosse. He has become a really good attack player and he was the 8th grade school team captain. Here he is playing for Lancaster Middle School. He scored 6 goals this season and the team did very well.

Stevie the cat and the Moon!

A quick shot of me working at the office! Lots of devices!

A landscape clean up in early June kept me pretty busy one weekend! I got the kids to help out too, well mostly Nick! Thanks Nick! It turned out to be very nice!


We had to clean out our Boy Scout Storage locker and clean up the area around the storage facility.  Here are some of the boys that helped out!

Emma had her Spring Concert, our last one at Hillview, great memories from that school!

The Boys at Scouts learned Fire safety!

Emma's drawing, so true......

At work I helped put in a Backsplash and it turned out pretty good! It really wasn't very difficult at all.

 My bud, Nicholas!

I had to go to a Boy Scout Leader event and got to get a few Geocache's out of the way too!

My first time at SOHO Burger Bar! 

The wife and I got to see "The Book of Mormon!" It was very funny and quite dirty too!

My lovely little lady getting ready for her graduation from Hillview!

Pete and I hit the Lancaster Heritage Trail and grabbed a bunch of Geocahces!

I oversaw the move of 2FindYouHome from their old office into ours. It went very smooth and was done in less than a day!

A nice shot of the view from my office!

Peter had a rough summer outing on the Lancaster Team, as there are two teams and the "A" team if you will gets to chose whoever they want as its a favorites game now, and Pete loves being on the "B" team because he gets more playing time than he would on the "A" team. He still played good but his team had only 9 guys typically and it made playing a full game difficult.


July 4th party in our neighborhood!

I got to bring Emma with me to work one day and she did great!

I went to an impromptu 25th Anniversary Party for Amherst High School and had a great time catching up with so many old friends! Good times!

The Summer has not been very hot but when it was we were most definitely in the pool. 

Nick's first BoyScout Camp was at Camp Merz in Mayville NY right on Lake Chautauqua. Here are some great shots from the week long camp out!

 InfoTech supported a Happy Hour for a Cause and the turnout at Templeton Landing was fantastic!

A weird Storm came up one night and I am facing North and it looked like the Sun was setting.

We did a bike ride all over the Downtown Erie Basin Marina and Naval Park and Canalside. 

Minecraft!! We have been doing daily and weekly Minecraft parties at my house as we host our own server. Love geeking out with the boys!

I took Emma and Nick to the Italian Festival! YUM!!!

The wife and I were invited to a Clam Back on Angola Beach and it was a great afternoon! 


Then 2 days later I took the kids back to Angola and played on the Public Beach, they had a lot of fun and Pete and I got to play beach volleyball!


I was asked to help setup a golf outing for InfoTech that proceeds went to WNY Hero's. The Golf Event went great and I had a great time!

2FindYourhome.com sponsored the racing at Ransomville Speedway and here is the car and Emma in it! The racing was fast and our car won the final race!! We even got to go on the track!

Practicing my swing at my favorite range!

 Me trying to be Captain America!