Monday, April 29, 2013

Long time no hear! I know....

I know its hard to believe that my last blog post was in February! Who would have thought it would be more than 2 months but let me tell you its been busy doing things! Lot's of things! Work, school stuff, after work stuff and more!!! The weather is getting very nice now that it is late April. Grass is green and I have already cut my lawn! So whats been keeping me busy? Lets take a look!

Solar Observation with Emma!

Stevie helping me compute...or not! HAHA! She is a great cat!

Pete Jr. got a new helmet for Lacrosse! He picked out the designs and we put on the decals!

We had our Key Communicator Kickoff meeting! Great group of people helping get the word out.

Our Board President Louis Vinci

We held a few Evening classes for Wired Wednesday, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn and next month we are doing Google+

Started the process of remodeling our Dining Room and Office. We went to a local vendor for flooring and I got my friend to help me put the flooring in. We painted too!

In the middle of the upgrades to the house, we had other stuff going on but at work things were heating up quickly as we were in the final days before Get Wired'N. How did we do with this?? 
We had a most successful event for Get Wired'N! Over 300 tickets sold, and the event was a hit! I cannot tell you how many compliments we recieved for doing this event and everything went over very well with no issues reported and all was excellent. The location, the staff, the volunteers and sponsors did awesome. For me I had been involved with every facet starting with helping identify sponsorship levels, contacting and managing all sponsors, budget management, picking locations for everything, food choices, entire program development, speakers and subject matter. Also helped on Ambassadors who managed traffic flow, building a mobile site for the day, and I was also to open the entire day's sessions, plus teach 3 sessions as well! Let me tell you I was exhausted at the end of this day. March 6th! If you want to see more about it look here:

But even before that, we had our first Tweetup the night before at Gordon Biersch at the Mall and that placed did it best! We had 30 people come in and meet the presenters and sponsors. Great time!

This was my view from the start of the show. I really wanted to take a picture of the packed room but I thought that would have been cheesy. So heres what it looked like prior to the day starting! The event was held at the Millennium Hotel on Walden Ave right by the Galleria Mall.

Coffee and Breakfast Service prior to the start and of course Networking!

The room is filling up!

Almost everyone said the lunch was fantastic! It was a sunny day and that makes the Atrium so much nicer! Look at that crowd!!! We had such a great day together!

Breakout sessions, this one involved a panel discussion.

This was all that helped out today! All of our Speakers and Ambassadors.

Frank Sardina of First Niagara! Our very generous sponsor!

Some final pictures of the day coming to an end.

And of course networking, drinks and some fine finger food at the end! 

Well the day after the event, I went to work on the floor. Feet, back, neck all sore from being up from 5:00 until 12:00 midnight the night before and I said lets get the floor in!! 

The next weekend, I had to setup a bunch of skits in my office at the BNAR for the other Association I am connected with. InfoTech, the BETAs a yearly award ceremony held at the Convention Center. I had to bring the kids as they were doing skits that would involve them. I also helped in certain areas of creativity for the skits. I was very happy to help!

Here is the main opening video the guys did with my little Emma! I posted it to YouTube.

I got my tickets a week early to the Continental Reunion and was very excited to get these! When I bought them I was told there were over 500 tickets sold! It was going to be packed! I grabbed 3 tix for me and 2 of my buds! 

Oh and I finally finished the office and dining room, check them out!!

Finally the night arrived for the Continental Reunion. I loved the bar greatly, having been there from 1988 until 2000. I think I may have went one more time in 2002  but it felt like a distant memory because no one there was like what I remembered. So they held this at the Town Ballroom which used to be the Sphere where I saw Muse at in 2005. So I was excited to see the layout. When me Jeff and Mike came in, we were like HOLY COW! Over 850 tickets were sold and the place was PACKED!!! From the moment I walked in I saw someone I needed to say hello to every step I took foward. But all I cared about was getting out to dance, not that I didn't want to talk to old friends, but I missed just jumping around like a kid again and thats just what I did!!! And then I took breaks to catch up and I am so glad I went. It sounds like this may become a yearly thing!! I sure hope so! Here are a few from the night!

Yep thats me in the front, getting down!!

I was asked to do a presentation for the Women's Council of Realtors.

I used my Panaromic camera on the Droid to take this shot.

Oh then the BETA's came out of nowhere and again, busy!! It was a good event and we had over 400 people attend. The videos turned out good and Emma's opening Video was very nice! 

Coloring Easter Eggs!

Setup my camera and scope for viewing!

Nick found the 1st and 2nd prizes in the Easter Egg Hunt! Over 5000 eggs and over 400 kids!! So proud of my man Nick!! The Gold egg had $15 and he got a chocolate bunny. The Silver Egg was a bouncy ball. All other eggs had one piece of candy in it.

Little Emma in her Communion Dress

I traveled up to Toronto for a day to check out their REBarCamp and it was a lot like our Get Wired'N event except the Brickworks where they held it was fantastic! Great job TO!!

We had the NAR's Chief Economist Dr.Yun in Buffalo and as you can see it was a packed house. He set the tone early that the Real Estate Market is coming back and things are getting better!

I brought the boys to an event the InfoTech Board is sponsoring called Hackfest #UBHackfest, it was for groups of students to get together and use their skills to create something that a business could use. And lots of ideas were presented for cash prizes! The boys got a great example of what Dad does best (TALK!!) and got tours of the UB Computer Sciences Datacenters. It was a great time!
Read the article about the weekend from the Buffalo News.

Even Stevie likes computers!

Another Real Estate important event, Realtor Emeritus! 40 years + in the Real Estate business is huge! Serious experience and knowledge in the room! Congrats to all!!

My office at work! I love I can see outside!

We did some Geocaching over the Weekend of April 27/28 at Como Park, Walden Pond, Newstead Town Park and Akron Falls Park. It was a lot of hiking but also a lot of fun!