Friday, June 29, 2012

Something new!

I know, its been a little while, but things are busy as usual but I do have some highlights to share!

First, I haven't really been stargazing much since the Venus transit, but I will be trying a little more coming up this weekend. My son Nick has just transitioned from Cub Scout to Boy Scout and the troop found out I was an avid Astronomer so they asked me to teach our new Troop in the ways of Astronomy so they can get their Astronomy Merit Badge! How cool is that!!! That's at the end of July!

Now I just went to Toronto to check out Inman News Agent Reboot for Real Estate Agents on Technology.

It was held at the Toronto Congress Center just outside of the main City of Toronto. I went with a great guy, past president of our Association and he got to meet one of his new hero's Jimmy Mackin who is great at Facebook Marketing and the use of Social Media in Real Estate. Below is a picture of the two at the Tweetup the night before the Conference! Mike was excited.

The setup was for 325 people and as you can see the lay out it was big! We got 2nd row seating because we got there really early!

My view from my seat!

We met a few other Buffalo Realtors who took the trek up to Toronto! Melanie and Kathy Pritchard! It was great to see them and we sat together and had a great time!

 Here is Chris Smith - Chief Evangelist of Inman News and a great guy who really understands Social Media and he travels all over North America teaching thousands of Realtors how to use Social Media and extend their marketing options! 

 I would strongly encourage all Real Estate Professionals to get to one of these shows when they come to your area!