Sunday, January 22, 2012

Quick Update!

Another weekend and another busy one! Started out Friday night with the Cub Scouts annual Pinewood Derby and we had 19 cars and almost 100 people!! It was great! Plenty of snacks, kettle corn, and racing. Nick started out slow only coming in 2nd for his first 3 races but then went 7 straight wins to put him in 5th of 19.
He had 2 more 2nd place finishes but that hurt him and he stayed 5th overall. He was pleased though as he did win 12 out of 17 races but there were 3 cars that would not be beat and a raceoff for the 3 and final spot. All in all that was a great night but then on to Lacrosse practice for Pete and then Saturday, full cleaning of the house! I am wiped out and Sunday was Religion and kids over to play all day. Along with the AFC/NFC championship games. So pissed that the Ravens got robbed! Go NYG!!