Tuesday, November 11, 2014

3D Printer Workshop - The Foundry Buffalo

Monday night was a cool night to be at the Foundry! Why? Because Buffalo Lab held their 3rd Monday 3D Printing Lab!! This was a great as the Lab brought some pretty powerful printers along with the people who design and build items using the 3D Technology. The group of Peter Montgomery, Tom DiLaura and Adam Simons were asked by Scott Vadar to give us demonstrations using the best AutoCAD software called SOLIDWORKS  and Printers from Stratasys and MakerBot.

First take a look at just a few things they brought as examples! Engine parts chains, boat propeller's and nuts and bolts.

The overview of SOLIDWORKS shows how powerful the software is and Tom made it look so easy as he explained how he would make a replication of a "Knuckle" that would connect a pneumatic arm to a vehicle that will help miners underground by drilling then putting up reinforced mesh to keep walls from crumbling. 

 So he went to work creating the object using known specs that would make it connect the arm to the vehicle. In under about 10 minutes he had the item created and connected and then he explained how he would send to the 3D Printer to create a mock up so the engineers could look and make any changes needed. 

Then Peter did another presentation on 3D Printers and all of the types of filament used and what their applications would be. I was so impressed and learned a great deal.

The guys were from caDimensions Inc. a New York company based out of Syracuse but has offices in every part of NY. There was a crowd of about 30 people for the event and many stayed past 9 p.m. to ask questions and to learn more! 

Thank you Buffalo Lab, the Foundry and Scott Vadar for this great opportunity!!

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